1 Hotel Nashville: A Well-Designed Nature Oasis In The Heart Of Music City

2022-12-02 20:17:46 By : Ms. Matier Max

The front desk incorporates elements of Tennessee. The reception desk is made from an actual rock, ... [+] while the back wall is made from reclaimed wood and Tennessee tobacco leaves. To the left is a plant wall. The hotel truly has nature at the heart.

If you know 1 Hotels, you know each property is special. The sustainable luxury lifestyle hotel brand founded by Barry Sternlicht is unique because every property is a nature oasis in urban environments. Their eighth property, the 1 Hotel Nashville opened four months ago and bustles with guests and visitors going in an out. Celebrities have also made the hotel their go-to place when visiting Music City.

Most hotels in Nashville boast photos of Country music artists performing, or images of music seen throughout their property, but not 1 Nashville Hotel. The design aesthetic brings Nashville and the state of Tennessee into the hotel in the form of nature. Woven throughout every fabric of the hotel is nature. It’s seen in every design detail from the exterior to the interior, paying homage to Fort Nashborough, Natchez Trace, the Smokey Mountains, and the Cumberland River.

“With the opening of 1 Hotel Nashville, we celebrate our brand’s entry into this dynamic and culturally rich region. We’re excited to bring a tangible demonstration of our overarching mission, vision and purpose — including a commitment to luxury sustainability, communities, holistic health and wellness, and natural design — to an iconic city, admired for its positive energy, devotion to live music, down-home hospitality, festive food and family fun,” notes Sternlicht in a statement, who also serves as Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group.

As soon as guests and visitors enter, they’ll notice the large wooden doors made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is seen in every part of the hotel, even in the rooms as a way of bringing nature into the building. Before the hotel was constructed a design team drove around Tennessee trying to get a better understanding of the state. Because flooding is a natural phenomenon, log cabin homes have a darken wood component on the walls due to the water, and the walls towards the ceiling are lighter, as flooding doesn’t affect the walls that high up. So, the entrance doors of the hotel include this detail with darker wood at the bottom and lighter wood towards the top of the doors and going up to the ceiling.

Historically, Tennessee was a strong tobacco growing state. Behind the front desk is an artful display of tobacco leaves cascading downwards. The ceiling in the Neighbors Café area is reminiscent of tobacco barns, a detail the design team wanted to incorporate. And the mortise and tenon corners found on log cabins are found in the lobby, done in the specific Tennessee way with pointed corners and not in round circles the way northern American log cabins are done.

Another design component are the live plants seen all over the hotel, I mean all over, from the exterior and inside the hotel. 1 Hotel Nashville has the most plants than any other 1 Hotel property that a local greenhouse cares daily for all the foliage. There are potted plants, wall plant displays, and an 800-foot exterior ivy façade.

Local apples are provided daily for guests.

Sustainability and a farm to table concept is a major part of the hotel. Across from the elevators is a table of apples from a nearby orchard. Various sustainable touch points of the hotel include wooden room keys, small chalkboards instead of typical hotel notepads to reduce paper use, closet hangers made from 100% recycled paper, recyclable coffee pods for the Nespresso machines, carafes made from reused wine bottles, and the 1 Less Thing program.

The 1 Less Thing program encourages guests to leave behind unwanted items that are donated to local ... [+] charities.

The program encourages guests that if their suitcases are too full or heavy for airport check-in, they can leave behind items that will be donated to local organizations in need. Eliminated waste is a major part of the hotel and it’s 1 Hotel’s goal to reduce waste by 10% in the first year, and by 90% overall to divert waste from landfills and incinerators.

There are 215 total rooms, 37 which are suites. And there are 178 guest rooms with five room category types that offer unique views of Nashville. All beds include eco-friendly mattresses that come with organic and sustainable bed linens and terry products. The 1 Guide app allows guests to control their room temps. Large windows allow in lots of light, and depending on the size of your room will determine the size of the plants in that room. Reclaimed wood accenting is everywhere in the rooms from the flooring to the walls, and even some of the furniture. Yoga mats, cotton robes that are stylish and reminiscent of sweatshirts, Bamford bath products, Nespresso machines, minibars, bluetooth speakers, safes, complimentary WIFI, and dog beds are available upon request. Guest room types are: The Alcove King with 416 sq. ft, the Alcove Two Queens with 404 sq. ft, the Cityscape King at 372 sq. ft, the City King at 372 sq. ft, the City King at 372 sq. ft, the City Two Queens at 452 sq. feet, and the Terrace King at 470 sq. feet.

The Studio Suite incorporates the nature element with reclaimed wood flooring and plant life that is ... [+] brought into the room.

The 37 suites range in size. The Alcove Studio Suite is 527 sq. feet and comes with a connecting room options to create a 2- or 3-bedroom suite. The City Studio Suite is 476 sq. ft, the One Bedroom Junior Suite is 580 sq. ft, the Panoramic One Bedroom Suite is 1,029 sq. ft and comes with a separate living area and full kitchen with full appliances, the Terrace House Suite is 2,000 sq. ft also comes with the option of connecting rooms to make a 2-3-bedroom suite, and the Arbor House Suite is 1,848 sq. ft and includes a separate living area with a 2-3-bedroom suite option.

The Panoramic Suite bathroom includes rock and stone from Tennessee.

The Panoramic Suite living room.

As soon as you walk into the One Bedroom Junior Suite a small long hallway guides you to the living room. Before hitting the living room, the all marble bathroom is on the right. Some include a soaking tub and a shower all in the same enclosed glass space, with the WC (toilet in its own enclosed space) directly across and a sizeable sink that separates the two. The living room includes quite a bit of seating with a small nook area with brown leather seating and a round table for dining or working. The L-shaped sofa comes with cream colored cushions and a heavy wooden square coffee table that looks onto the 55-inch HD Smart TV. The King bedroom is spacious and offers views of the Ryman Auditorium and a part of Broadway.

Continuing with the rustic nature aesthetic, 1 Kitchen is an innovative creation where sustainability is at the heart. Their farm-to-table approach is one-of-a-king. For instance, the Beet Wellington on the dinner menu uses every part of a beet, no part is cut off or wasted. Under the direction of Culinary Director and Top Chef alum Chris Crary, dishes like the Beet Wellington or the Chicken Bolognese are to die for.

1 Kitchen Nashville's Chicken Bolognese, created by Culinary Director and Top Chef alum Chris Crary.

The restaurant is intimate with the reclaimed wood flooring and the wood tables giving a feel of being in a mountain or forest getaway. This feel extends to the 1 Kitchen Café that serves breakfast items from Breakfast sandwich to acai and smoothie bowls, turkey sandwiches and tuna wraps, fresh juices, and coffees made with the freshest farm ingredients.

Located on the rooftop, on the 18th floor, the bar serves up Nashville-inspired cocktails and Asian tapas from sushi, edamame, and peppers. The cocktails are made from seasonal ingredients and curated by Lead Bartender Harrison Deakin. As you enter there is large long bar where people can sit or across from the bar is a seating area with a space set for live music, or the outdoor rooftop with two sizeable firepits to keep guests warm during the cooler months. It really is a nightlife spot of the city.

As you enter you noticed the Bamford products and other spa products for sale. The light sand colored walls are relaxing. After checking you’ll noticed the long passage way of walls that are likened to cave walls. The respective men and women’s locker rooms include lockers, showers, amenities, as well as a steam room and sauna.

The design style of the Bamford Spa is reminiscent of cave walls. Treatments are holistic, ... [+] rejuvenating the mind and body.

The treatments are holistic, created to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Elements of nature are included with wood and the sounds of flowing water in the entrance and in the relaxation room. The Bamford Signature Treatment is one-hundred minutes and starts with a cleansing footbath, followed by a Swedish massage. A reflexology foot massage gets energy flowing while detoxifying the organs. Other massages range from the Bamford De-Stress Massage, the Deep Tissue Massage, and the Jade Hot and Cold Stone Massage. The Himalayan Salt Scrub lasts forty-five minutes and can either be done with a salt or sugar scrub. Detoxifying the body, it purifies the pores from toxins, and promotes skin cell turnover. Facials are also available for 50 and 80 minutes. And IV infusions are also available from B12 to the Alpha-Lipoic Acid injection that provides brain and liver protection, improves cellular energy, and promotes nerve regeneration.

The 1 Hotel Nashville draws you in and it’s a nature oasis, something that you don’t find in the heart of the Music City. While music is valued by the hotel and live music is brought into the hotel, it’s not a fixture in the aesthetic. Natures is. A hotel that relaxes anyone who visits because of its style and ambience, anyone who visits won’t want to leave.